Knowing when to move to a Booster seat ?

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When is a good time to move to a booster seat?

Many parents can not wait for the day when they no longer have to deal with a Child Safety Seat. They seem to take up so much time especially for small trips around town. So naturally as soon as we think they are big boys, and big girls we head for a booster seat hoping this will shave minutes of our loading and unloading in and of vehicles. 

Lately I've noticed more and more people moving children to the Booster seats faster than they should. There are alot of things to think about when moving you child up to the next seat. Especially because it really means less safety rather than more.  A child who has outgrown their convertible carseat has two options according to the carseat manufacturers. Move into a High Weight Harness/Booster seat, or a Plain Jane Booster seat with no harness. There is a real need to be cautious when making this decision. Here are some factors to consider.

Your child is ready for the booster seat when they do not squirm and wiggle around, picking up toys on the ground, fighting with siblings and hanging out the window. Also if you think your child is not mature enough to leave the seatbelt on this is a major indicator that a High Weight Harness is the way to go. 

Many times High Weight Harness seats convert to a booster seat so you do not have to buy more seats. The high weight harness will keep your child in the correct position so in case of an accident they will be protected. Many times a booster seat leaves alot of room for error. The seat belt needs to ride in the correct spot on a childs shoulder, and it needs to go across a childs hips to fully protect in an accident. For these reasons I recommend to move your 4 year old when they outgrow the convertible seat (that maynot be until later depending on the child and the seat you currently have.) to a High Weight Harness seat such as the Britax Frontier Clicktight or the Britax Pioneer. These seats will keep your child fully protected in any accident. The 5 point harness can be used for quite some time and then you can store the harness and use the seat as a booster seat.  The Headrest is adjustable with just the squeeze of a button and it is very comfortable. 

For more info or questions feel free to call us. 1(406)932-6461. We are a Baby Store that is dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our ability. All of our employees are Carseat Safety Technicians and are happy to help you with all your safety questions. We know Safety is your # 1 priority. It is ours too ! 

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