Natural Remedies for Teething

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   5 Natural Teething Remedies

All babies eventually start teething and it is a difficult time for everyone involved most times. Your happy giggly baby is suddenly fussy, attached at the hip and unable to tell you where it hurts. Sequoia started teething at 6months or so and is still working on her final 2 year old molars. I joke she is the slowest teether ever. I always wished she would have one bad weekend a month and get several teeth at a time instead of teething over a long period and taking weeks to get one tooth.

Some babies handle teething is super hero powers and it doesn't seem to affect them much but my daughter was not like that and chances are your little one might be like Sequoia too. So here are a couple things you can do to help them along while their teething and give them some natural relief.

1.) Give them Teething tablets. These tiny tablets are homeopathic and completely safe for your little person. They dissolve fast and your kiddo won't even know you gave them the tablets. Just put them right inside their mouth and that is it. Teething Gel is another product that might work. We found with Sequoia that teething gel worked better as she got older. We could put gel right on the sore area. When she was younger this didn't seem to help her but now it does.

2.) Give me a big cold carrot to gnaw on. This gave Sequoia something cold and she was able to put pressure on those teeth. Make sure it is a Big Carrot and always watch them. Sequoia never once chewed that thing.

3.) Get a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. Chances are you have heard of the teething necklaces. We use it still for Sequoia and she loves her little necklace. The Teething Necklace is not for chewing. It is merely an item to be worn by your child. The Baltic Amber releases succinic acid when it warms up on your skin. Succinic acid is a natural calming pain reliever. The necklace is short enough that it isn't a hazard on your child's neck. It is safety knotted thus making is a non choking hazard and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Bracelets or anklets are also available.

4.) Give your baby Chamomillia . When Sequoia is teething hard and she is inconsolable we have found Chamomillia to be very helpful. This is a homeopathic remedy that is an ingredient Hylands teething tablets. We would give Sequoia several small tablets of this and she would suck on them til they dissolved. These tablets come in a small vial and cost $ 8. We carried a vial in our pocket when ever we left the house just in case the cranky fussy teething baby needed a little relief. Magic meds if you ask me.

5.) Essential Oils has been effective as well. Lavender and Clove oil placed right on the sore gum will give relief.

At Sequoia's Closet , we carry several of these products to help you care for your little one. Stop by or order right online. We are happy to ship teething products to you for       $ 1.99 .

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