A sleeping house is a happy house

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"Oh Sleep where have you gone."

We brought home our daughter September 18th, 2012. We were new parents and nights immediately were rough. We had a child that slept all day and was awake all night. Then there were the moments when she slept and you'd think I would breathe a sigh of relief and sleep as well. NO, I was tired but I couldn't bring myself to sleep much because I worried about her. When she slept so deep that you could barely tell if she was breathing I would stand as close as possible to her to see if her chest was rising and falling. If I couldn't tell then I would put my hand near her face to feel the air come in and out. Those few months were very hard. I would have paid anything to get sleep and also make sure Sequoia was okay.

Today nearly 5 years later there is a product that I will surely use with our next child. The Owlet Baby Monitor works in ways that I could only wish for in 2012. The Owlet has a Wireless sock that your baby wears (the monitor comes with 3 different size socks). The sock has a unique stay on strap to make sure it doesn't get kicked off in the middle of the night.

The sock connects wirelessly to the base that sits in the room. The base then sends a signal to an APP that is connected to your iphone or android device. This device is unique as the base will signal if there is a problem with your baby. The Owlet monitors heart rate and oxygen levels. If either one drops the base will sound in the room even if the internet fails, and then your phone will be notified and it will alarm as well.

The peace of mind this has for me is priceless. Sleep makes for a happy mama, and a happy house.

For more information about the owlet contact us at 1(406)932-6461


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