Cold season with kiddos

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The first time Sequoia got a cold I seriously didn't want to leave her. She was so stuffed up and couldn't breathe . She couldn't exactly blow her nose and get the snot out but one of friends introduced me to a snotsucker. This lovely device is so very simple but it has a true use. I consider it the Most valuable item in our house during cold season. It has been used numerous times and Sequoia still hasn't figured out how to blow her nose yet so at 4 1/2 years old we are still using it.

The BabyComfy Nose is a snotsucker that doesn't require filters, or batteries. It has a bulb that you place a tissue in, and 2 nasal adapters (newborn, and toddler). There is a little tube that goes in a parents mouth , the other end goes into your childs nose. Then you apply suction and the buggers come out. Sounds gross right! Every new parent I've ever told about this item has given me the eye. You can see they are thinking , "I would never do that, disgusting" But the first thing you do after you have a child is disgusting things. Especially if it meant your kiddo could breathe easier. We've never had great luck getting the blue bulb to work with our kiddo. I never felt the suction was adequate to actually get the snot out and cleaning it was not fun. The Babycomfy Nose comes with a dishwasher mesh bag and you throw the entire line thing in the bag and then into the dishwasher. 


This little gadget is available on our website and it makes a great first time parent baby shower gift.

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