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I can't remember exactly what kind of snacks I sweet talked my mom into when I was little, but I am sure they were not always healthy! Now a mom myself, I do try and encourage my kids to satisfy their between-meal cravings with something nutritious. In an effort to help make your life a little easier, we found some nutritious snacks that are also quick and fun!

1. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs- these are a great snack to combine protein and sweet fruit. Cut up a string cheese and layer it with grapes, mandarin orange slices, pieces of banana or any fruit that floats your boat. Using half a kabob stick per kid provides the perfect serving size. Plus kids will get to take their time and enjoy their creation!                                         

2.Smoothies- When we told our doctor that all of a sudden our son was picky about his veggies, he said "throw them in a smoothie". We gave it a shot: spinach, yogurt, some fruit (strawberries are a favorite) a little milk and boom! Our little man was drinking his vegetables and thinking he was getting a dessert. You can also add some nut butter for a little extra protein and flavor.                            

3. Whole Grain Muffins- This is one of my favorite snacks because I can make a bunch and then freeze them. I found an easy recipe on line and then added some shredded zucchini. Adding in raisins also works and topping with nut butter helps boost the protein. Zucchini bread is another version of a great snack that can be made and then frozen.                                                     

4. Now it doesn't get easier or faster than a hard boiled egg. These are easy to keep on hand, fun to peel and a great serving of protein. Add a little salt and pepper and you have a quick, flavorful snack that should tide them over till meal time!

Hopefully these ideas are helpful! If you have a favorite go-to snack, we would love to hear about! Please share on our Facebook page!

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