Looking at the Britax Harness to Booster Seats

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Is your child reaching that point when you need to change carseats? Are you wondering what is the next seat? If they've been in a convertible seat and it's time to move them onto something else check out the Harness 2 Booster seats from Britax.

Britax is a USA company that makes all their seats here in the USA. The seats are made with reinforced steel bars and adjustable headrests and after your child has outgtrown the harness you can convert it to a High Back Booster seat.

The Britax Pioneer Harness to Booster seat goes up to 110lbs as a booster and 70lbs as a High Weight Harness. It is not as simple to install as the Frontier Clicktight and is priced at $ 184. Click here to see the product listing.

Britax Frontier Clicktight Harness to Booster seat works for a child to 120 lbs and 90lbs as a High Weight Harness seat. It has a simple installation with Clicktight and is a little taller than the Pioneer Harness to Booster Seat.  It is priced at $ 274 Click here to see the product listing.

Frontier Clicktight Britax Child Carseat Harness to Booster


We personally have the Britax Frontier Clicktight in our vehicle. Sequoia loves how easy it is for her to get in it. For more info call us 1(406)932-6461, or see our website.


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