For a successful trip to the pool with little ones, Checkout our ultimate pool checklist

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Ah summer...that most wonderful time of year when the days are long and the nights are short. What better way than fill those days at the pool? If you are headed there for the first time with little ones, like me, here are a few things to remember to help the experience be as enjoyable and stress free as possible!

1. Sunscreen is a must! My little guy toasts like a marshmallow, even when outside for just a few minutes. There are some great water resistant lotions now that are perfect for the days when you plan to spend a lot of time in the water. We have a great new spray-on product that stays on despite water and/or sweat! It's SPF 30, natural and has a super cool lid that locks so it won't spill all over your bag.

2. Towels! One treat we got every year was a new beach towel. Although a regular bathroom towel works in a pinch, beach towels are longer and can do double duty when you are laying out to dry. Plus, they usually have neat designs.

3. Swim suits, (of course!), goggles and hats. We recently discovered swim SHIRTS for boys. These are awesome because they provide extra protection from the sun. We just got some absolutely precious girls' swim suits, some of which also come with hats! The two piece suits are especially nice for the inevitable bathroom visit. Hats are important to have as added eye protection. i baby makes ones that provide a little neck coverage as well. Goggles are great for preventing the dreaded "chlorine-eye." Everything is a little less scary when you can see where you are going, too!

4. Wet/Dry bag. Who remembers carrying all their swim stuff around in a grocery bag? Guilty! Now of course they make amazing bags that are water resistant, hold your wet clothes and when you get home, you can throw it in the wash with your swim stuff! We have a great selection of these bags which are a perfect travel size. We also have Snack Happens bags from Itzy Ritzy. A reusable bag that's perfect for holding snacks for those hungry kiddos!                                

5. Who else hates to buy an entire pack of disposable diapers use a few and find your kiddo has grown out of that size. :/ So we use Modern Reusable Swim Diapers... They work for kiddos size 7-35lbs and can be rewashed and reused. 

6. A Bag for all This Stuff! No one wants to pack around a suitcase full of things. Whether it's a backpack, diaper bag or a tote, keeping just the essentials on hand and packed will help alleviate the last minute stress that always comes with leaving the house.

Most importantly we plan to have fun and stay safe! Happy Swimming!

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