Staying Warm with Little kids in the Winter

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I'm a misplaced Californian. My life from Infant to Adulthood began in California but after 24 years my husband longed to go home to his beloved Montana. So we packed up and moved in 2011. I liked winter when I lived in California. There was something magical about it. However winter in California was a couple cold nights in February. Now Montana..... I've been introduced to real clothing brands that are made for warmth in Negative temperatures. Items from Carhartt, Stormy Kromer, Bogs, Mucks, Kamik, Snowstoppers, Ice Breakers, and more.

We are going to spend a few minutes talking about my all time favorite ways to keep my daughter warm in the cold winter.  We've found the best way is to start with layers.

#1 Baselayer

Skin tight long underwear have been a life saver, they can double as pajamas but their best use is the first layer in winter clothing. WE have loved the softness of Watson's Thermal underwear. They are super soft inside and fit nicely under other clothing.

# 2 Snowsuit

We have tried several different types, the 1 piece full suit and the 2 piece Bib snow pants and jacket set.


I enjoyed the 2 piece Bib snowsuit when we were potty training  and spending the day at the skiing. It was easy to get Sequoia in and out of her snowbibs but you do have to remove the jacket first. This winter we have gone with a 1 piece snowbib and I'm loving it. Sequoia is way more mobile and loved playing in the snow. The 1 piece snowbib leaves no place for snow to go in. Not up her back  and that is a plus, besides she can get herself dressed and zipped up faster than before.

# 3 Great Snow gloves

We have discovered infant, baby, toddler hands are so small. Every glove we tried for a full year seemed huge and then we found a new company that made Mittens, & gloves and not only did they have an awesome stay on glove they also came in lots of sizes. The Snowstopper gloves have a great cuff that is so long it goes up to a childs elbows and the gloves don't fall off. They also make mittens without a thumb, mittens with a thumb, and fingered gloves. We love that you can put on Sequoia's Snowsuit and pull on her gloves up to the elbows and NO snow gets in and the gloves stay on.

# 4 Warm Snow boots

No one likes toes that are freezing. There are several great companies that make a snowboot that looks like a cross between a wetsuit and boot. They are made of Neoprene on the upper part of the boot, and rubber on the bottom side. They are completely waterproof and can work great as winter boots down to -30 degrees or spring rain boots. The boots Sequoia has had every year have been worn many times. They are also easy for a toddler to put on. The Boots are made by several manufacturers including BOGS, Mucks, Kamik.

best winter boots for toddler


I hope you have gleaned a couple of great options for getting out and playing with your kids in the snow. It is so much fun to get out in nature.

Sequoia's Closet currently sells Watson's Long Underwear, Snowstopper Gloves in our retail store. We also carry stock in our resale area and you can always call us if you are looking for good snow boots, snowsuits. We are happy to ship resale items. 406-932-6461



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