Summer 2017 and all the best things for outside

Posted by Stacey Smith on

Summer time is here and we are beyond thrilled to be outside gardening, running, playing enjoying the sunshine.

If you are taking your little one's outside in the summertime sun, which I highly recommend, here are a few things that can make your life easier and are some of my favorites for outside playtime.

1.) A good hat for the baby. A good hat has a large brim and a chin strap such as an iplay Summer Hat

2.) Sunscreen with good clean ingredients that works. Babytime makes a good product for this.

3.) Sunglasses for little eyes. Ro Sham Bo Sunglasses are awesome because they don't break and have a lifetime warranty.

4.) Toys for water and sand. Green Toys have just released a line of 100% Recycled Milk Jug Toys. They are awesome.



5.) and lastly a Light Wrap for babywearing. We love the Softness and lightweight Lillebaby Tie the Knot Wrap. It is breathable and definitely snuggly for a little baby.

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