Summer Activities for Kids!

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The long wait for summer is over and now the question is: how do we keep our energetic kids busy, engaged and still have fun? We did a little "digging" and found a few activities we think you'll enjoy this summer with your littles. The best part is the games use items that you most likely already have at your house, so they're free!

  • Summer Lego Ice Rescue. There are a few different version of this one and you can pretty much do it with whatever small toy your kids love. Take a plastic container and fill it about a 1/4 full of water. Add in some Lego pieces, and people if possible. Freeze over night. (Repeat this process, filling the container with water, Legos, and freeze, if you want to have the pieces more dispersed.) Remove from freezer and let it melt just enough to get going. Then, have your kids find some safe "tools" and let them start to excavate their toys! My son has lots of plastic screw drivers and hammers that work great, plus any spare cutlery you might have laying around. A bonus to keeping kids busy is the cool ice for those hot summer days!
  • Water Bottle Bowling. I just found this one and am for sure going to give it a try! Although we most often have reusable water bottles, we do sometimes have to use disposable ones. If you'd rather put them to good use than throw them out, fill them with tap water and add a few drops of food coloring. Grab a ball and set up your bottles bowling pin style! This could also be done inside on a rainy day and double as a party game!
  • Pouring Station. Now this one is seriously cool. My son LOVES to pour water while playing in the tub and it takes great skill. I know if he could do it outside he would really get crazy. All you need are some different sized containers and water! If you want to put it all in a portable tub, that's cool too. Also, adding a little food coloring to the water helps make it exciting and teaches about how mixing colors makes new colors. Fill some containers with water and leave others empty. Then watch as your child learns the life skill of pouring as well as the concept of capacity!
  • For other ideas that might cost a few pennies, head to the dollar store and stock up on chalk and bubbles. We can play chasing bubbles for a long time and it's great exercise. The driveway is our go-to spot for drawing family portraits using chalk and it's a great way for kids to practice writing numbers and letters. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas this summer! Thanks for being part of our Sequoia's Closet family!

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