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Sweet Grass County Kids Connection

                                summer activites in Big Timber

    It’s a pleasure to serve you here in Sweet Grass County. We love being around families and little people so this article may seem like simple knowledge but there is never a better time to talk about our kids, families and those close to us. Summers out and that means lots of time to spend with your kids. If you are new around here I welcome you and hope to meet you sometime. It is hard to move to a new place where you may not know very few people but they seem to know EVERYONE. So here are some tips for new families joining us in summer.
An easy way to plug into a new place is going to activities.
1.) If you are looking for age appropriate activities for your little people start with the City Pool. They offer swimming lessons for toddlers to teens. Sign up for lessons at the pool here is there phone number 932-4707, and pay for the lessons at City hall. (This is on Mcleod st, and 3rd Ave. ) The sooner you sign up the better. Classes do fill up.
2.) Check out Vacation Bible School... Several local churches have a week long VBS program and the kiddos have so much fun. Big Timber Lutheran Church & Big Timber Evangelical Church have a scheduled vbs this summer. There maybe other churches planning something too but these are the two off the top of my head.
3.) Don’t miss the 4-H Fair this summer. It is practically a week long and the kids have spent hours creating projects, raising animals, and getting ready for this weekend fun. It happens the end of July.
4.) The Sweet Grass Festival and Rodeo Weekend is gonna be a hit. Don’t miss this special weekend June 29th Rodeo and June 30th Festival, Carshow, and Rodeo. The kids area will have some fun games, vendors with food, a petting zoo, a rock wall, and a laser tag game. Plus after the festival at 2pm will be our Rodeo Parade and the whole town comes out for this.
5.) Join a parent group such as MOPS (Moms of Preschool students). This group is ran by Jessica Countryman at the Church of God. The group meets several nights a month on Tuesday mornings.
6.) If your interested in fitness. Join us at 9am Monday to Friday at the Sweet Grass High School Track to walk, run, push a stroller, teach a kiddo to ride a bike or just get out. Active Parents=Active Kids.

If you ever have questions feel free to stop by and chat with us at Sequoia’s Closet. We love meeting new families and connecting with friends. 932-6461.
~ Stacey

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