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If I could some up my carseat experiences I'd say the 3rd is a charm.

When we found out we were expecting I did all the research on could on things but really knew nothing about carseats and why they were considered safe and what the standards meant. I was clueless. So I fell for the ""quality"" seat from Costco. You know the place that sells muffins, toilet paper, and tires. Yep I love Costco. It is my one stop shop. So my family purchased the convertible seat we wanted and we spent a day trying to install it. I read every sticker and all the manual and I still thought I had it right.

Sequoia was born and when we left the hospital the nurse peeked her head in our car and saw we had a seat and she let us go. But Sequoia was all slumped over in her seat and we just didn't feel good about it! We immediately detoured our trip home for the closest carseat safety place and ended up at a Baby store that showed us how to correct our seat. We also saw the seats they carried and really liked the Maxi Cosi Pria so we bought it. Needless to say the costco seat was returned. The Maxi Cosi was installed and we loved it for a short time but installing it was a pain. Then the straps started getting really hard to tighten and loosen.


Fast forward a few years and we were introduced to Britax. We wanted to help every person in our community with carseat safety so we took the classes to be certified child passenger safety techs and we fell in LOVE with the Britax carseat. It was everything we were looking for in a great seat. The Clicktight seat has such an easy install we could show a family member and they could get it right! The Britax brand is made in the USA, the Straps adjust with very little strength, they loosen and tighten in a breeze, and the headrest on our seat adjusts so the seat grows with your kiddo and ours. Sequoia started using a Britax Boulevard Clicktight at 2 years old. She rear faced til she was 3.5 years and was right at 38 lbs. (The seat goes 40lbs rear facing). Now she is an active 5.5 year old and still uses her Boulvard Clicktight seat in 2 of our 3 vehicles.

The CLICKTIGHT system is so simple to use. The seat bottom opens and you slide the seatbelt in the correct path for your use (rear facing path, or forward facing path), buckle the belt, take the slack out of the belt not too tight! and then close the seat bottom and CLICK. The seat is tight. If you are forward facing there is one more step and that is the Top Tether must connect to your vehicle seat.

No more sitting in the seat and ratcheting the belt to get it tight. No more knees in the seat, or forcing your adult sized hand through a hole half that size to get the seat belt in through the seat. Just easy going. and our seat still works and looks like new after many washes and heavy use daily. We love it! 

I challenge you to try it out. I am sure you will not want any other seat for your child.

Britax is the #1 in Safety Technology. They are always innovating and bringing in products that are safe and tested past the federal limit.

Click below to see all our Clicktight Carseats.

Tight is Safety. Tight is Love. Tight is Britax Clicktight


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