Traveling with Kids!

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Growing up, summer at our house meant one long road trip- usually to the Oregon Coast. In between we also had lots of shorter camping trips and such all of which prompted the age old question: ARE WE THERE YET?? So fun for parents. While we can't stop your kids from asking that, we can make a few suggestions that will help make the trip a little smoother.

1. Carrier- These are a must have, especially if you are flying. Having a carrier eliminates the bulk and added stress of a stroller while having the option to always have your child right next to you. There are lots of styles available and we personally love Lillebaby. I have an All Seasons 6-in-1 that comes in so handy, even if we are on a short trip running errands.               

2. Wet Bag- Seriously one of the best inventions in our lifetime! These are so handy for storing anything that you don't want to leak, whether it be a diaper or soiled clothing. Store your wet items in a Grovia Wet bag until you can throw everything in the washing machine together. Along the same lines, Itzy Ritzy also makes reusable snack bags which eliminate waster and are fabulous to keep on hand for traveling.

3. Mad Mattr- So what the heck is this? Well someone took a childhood favorite and made it even better! This soft dough type toy is great for traveling. It won't get ground into the car seat or clothing, and it never dries out. We now carry Quantum Pods that are designed for being on-the-go. Let your child's imagination run wild in the backseat with the piece of mind that there won't be a huge mess when you reach your destination!                                                           

4. Car Seat Check Bag- If you have to travel with a car seat, grab one of these. They don't cost a lot but they will help keep your seat clean and ready to use when you land. There is even a style that fits like a backpack for when you are running to your gate! If you have questions about what is a good style, Stacey is well-traveled and would love to help guide you in the right direction! 

Traveling with Toddlers can be stressful but also a lot of fun! Hopefully these ideas are helpful, and if you have any ideas or suggestions for easing travel, we would love for you to share them on our Face Book page!

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