You want to keep them safe. Why we choose a Britax Carseat.

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We all strive to keep our little one's safe . We buy kitchen cabinet locks, swimming pool fences, door handle locks, and corner bumpers. So it shouldn't be hard to think the same way when it comes to a carseat & vehicle safety yet we use our vehicle so frequently that safety seems like an afterthought.

We currently have 2 vehicles and thus 2 carseats. We started Sequoia in a convertible carseat when she was a newborn at 6lbs and 9oz. Now we are using a High weight Harness to Booster seat , and a Convertible Carseat. I am that parent that loved a deal and received our first convertible carseat from costco for less than $ 100. I thought this was great but after struggling for several hours installing the carseat, reading the manual and thinking it was set, we left the hospital scratching our heads because our new little baby just didn't sit right in that darn seat. We headed to a Carseat Safety Technician and learned how to install the seat properly and we still didn't like the darn thing. That seat was wobbly at best and didn't support our little girl, it felt like it swallowed her little body up. So we returned it and bought another seat.

We currently have 1 Britax Clicktight Boulevard Convertible Seat and 1 Britax Clicktight Frontier Harness to Booster seat. We became familiar with Britax when we began the Child Passenger Safety Technician program. My husband and I took the course so we could help others in our community with their carseat questions. The first thing we noticed with the Britax seats was their quality and how it was built. The seat was strong and had thick steel bars within the frame. The seats were also so much easier to use than any of the other brands. You could tell there was thought put into every part of the seat plus Britax manufacturers their carseats in the USA.

After the class we made the decision to carry Britax carseats in our little shop. The company is easy to work with and respects small businesses. They love working with us and we with them.

The Clicktight technology in Britax Carseats is so easy to install with a regular seat belt, and the carseat sits nicely on any vehicle seat with its flat rubber bottom base, there is absolutely no wobbling.

I could speak volumes about the Britax Carseats but seeing them in person really is better. We'd be happy to talk carseats with you anytime. Message our store, call us 1(406)932-6461, 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Friday, or stop in and we will be glad to help you. We also are happy to set up an appointment to check your carseat and help you learn to install it properly.

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